Sentence Examples

  • But unity was carried much further than this, and finally resulted in at least a nominal consolidation of all the churches of Christendom into one whole.
  • Kansas City was founded in 1886 by the consolidation of "old" Kansas City, Armourdale and Wyandotte (in which Armstrong and Riverview were then included).
  • Milwaukee-Downer College (for girls), in the north-east part of the city was established in 1895 by a consolidation of Milwaukee College for girls, and Downer College, formerly at Fox Lake.
  • The West Shore railway, which follows closely the route of the New York Central & Hudson River, was also the result of a consolidation, completed in 1881, of several shorter lines.
  • He was liberal, kindly, good-tempered and easy of access, and his yielding to his subjects' wishes in order to obtain supplies for carrying on the French war contributed to the consolidation of the constitution.

What's another word for consolidation?

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