Sentence Examples

  • Any threat or inducement held out to a person to make a confession renders the confession inadmissible, even if afterwards made to another person, it having been held that the second confession is likely to be induced by the promise held out by the person to whom the first confession was made.
  • Nevertheless, the court found the address so voted inadmissible; whereupon, on Dcak's motion, the Hungarian diet drew up a second address vigorously defending the rights of the nation, and solemnly protesting against the usurpations of the Austrian government.
  • The British government had decided that the continued existence of either republic was inadmissible; on the 28th of May 1900 the annexation of the Free State was formally proclaimed, and on the 1st of September the Transvaal was also annexed to the British Empire.
  • Moreover, the high potential difference between the terminals of the series tank introduces a greater danger of shortcircuiting through scraps of metal at the bottom of the bath; for this reason, also, lead-lined vats are inadmissible, and tarred slate tanks are often used instead.
  • For the same reason it is inadmissible to do more than mention the name of Spinoza here.

What's another word for inadmissible?

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