Sentence Examples

  • To be categorical, a judgment does not require a belief in existence, but only that something, existent or not, is (or is not) determined; and there are two quite different attitudes of mind even to a non-existent thing, such as a square circle, namely, unconditional and conditional belief.
  • The judgment, " A non-existent but so-called square circle is an impossibility," is an unconditional, or categorical judgment of non-existence, quite different from any hypothetical judgment, which depends on the conditions " if it is thought," or " if it exists," or any other " if."
  • In other words, a categorical universal is often problematic, but a problematic is not the same as a hypothetical judgment.
  • This is why they confuse the categorical and the universal with the hypothetical.
  • On the one hand, having reduced categorical judgments to an existential form, Brentano proposes to reform the syllogism, with the results that it must contain four terms, of which two are opposed and two appear twice; that, when it is negative, both premises are negative; and that, when it is affirmative, one premise, at least, is negative.

What's another word for categorical?

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