Sentence Examples

  • In many cases a formula of the last type would be quite inapplicable, as Stansfield remarks, but the difference between the three is often much less than might be supposed.
  • The Legislative Assembly, without a mandate for modifying a constitution that had become inapplicable with the suspension of the monarch, had before disappearing convoked a National Convention, and as the reward of the struggle for liberty had replaced the limited franchise by universal suffrage.
  • Again, when it presently appeared that the theory of the immanent idea was inconsistent with itself, and moreover inapplicable to explain predication except where the subject was a sensible thing, so that reconstruction became necessary, the Zenonian difficulty continued to demand and to receive Plato's best attention.
  • It has the disadvantage of giving the solution of the problem only for a particular case, and of being inapplicable in researches in which the general equations of dynamics have to be applied.
  • When the goods to be weighed are very heavy, portable weigh - bridges or platform machines are inapplicable and it is necessary to erect the weighbridge on a solid foundation.

What's another word for inapplicable?

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