Sentence Examples

  • It is only in the latter case that the formulae of the elastic solid accepted, the results are more complicated, in that when (µ' - is are to replace (D' - D)/D by 3(K' - K)/(K'-1-2K), where K, K' are theory are applicable to light.
  • From the standpoint of modern science John Fiske confirms the validity of such an argument; for what he affirms in regard to belief in the divine is equally applicable to this belief in a future life.
  • The licences within restricted areas having proved unsuitable for the growing business, public opinion appealed to the Post Office to issue new licences applicable to the whole country.
  • These figures are, with a fractional increase in the Regular Army, applicable to-day.
  • App. i.): " The appeal to the king is merely a provision for a rehearing before the archbishop, such failure to do justice being not so much applicable to an unfair decision as to the delays or refusal to proceed common at that time " (cf.

What's another word for applicable?

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