Sentence Examples

  • He made his way to the appliance, and she darted for the vial, snatching it off the counter then running through the mess to the door.
  • It was kind of like paying for a cheap appliance that would do the job and having an expensive one delivered.
  • Maybe the smart thing to do was shut up and enjoy it, but that little voice inside kept saying it was more than she deserved - wondering who got the cheap appliance, and if someone would discover the mistake and take the expensive one back.
  • Hence the following appliance was worked out by Lieutenant Solari and officers in the Italian navy.
  • In America, also, freight trains are fitted with an automatic continuous brake, whereas in the United Kingdom this appliance is required by law only in the case of passenger trains, and in fact is not fitted to goods and mineral trains except in a few isolated instances.

What's another word for appliance?

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