Sentence Examples

  • Since the style is ageless and flattering for nearly every type of figure, you would think that this garment would be a cinch to find.
  • What prompted you to develop the Ageless Yoga DVD series?When I would go on trips, my students asked me to make audio and/or videotapes for them to help them to keep a sense of continuity with their yoga practice while I was away.
  • I am contemplating adding one or more volumes to the Ageless Yoga DVD series, as well as writing a companion book that might be useful for people curious to find out more about my thoughts on yoga teaching and practice.
  • One man with symptoms of Parkinson's who has been practicing with one of the Ageless Yoga DVDs for about a year finds that he can walk better during the day if he does a short session in the morning.
  • With a classic and ageless appearance, the Chanel collection for fall 2006 still offers similar trends to history, from tweeds to chains, -- and always a "little black bag."