Sentence Examples

  • There was hardship, but scarcely any opposition.
  • The hardship of attendance at the county courts was to some extent obviated.
  • The Persians of Cyrus were a vigorous race of husbandmen, living in a healthy climate, accustomed to hardship, brave and upright.
  • An exodus followed which, necessary as it was, caused dreadful hardship, and among the Roman Catholic Irish in America Fenianism took its rise.
  • The change in the moral attitude towards usury is perhaps best expressed by saying that in ancient times so much of the lending at interest was associated with cruelty and hardship that all lending was branded as immoral (or all interest was usury in the moral sense), whilst at present so little lending takes place, comparatively, except on commercial principles, that all lending is regarded as free from an immoral taint.

What's another word for hardship?

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