Sentence Examples

  • My time of the month has passed without its usual affliction and I am dire fearful of the consequences of why this might be so.
  • The death, in 1687, of his niece, Mrs Grace Hooke, who had lived with him for many years, caused him deep affliction; a law-suit with Sir John Cutler about his salary (decided, however, in his favour in 1696) occasioned him prolonged anxiety; and the repeated anticipation of his discoveries inspired him with a morbid jealousy.
  • The nervous affliction called latah, to which many Malays are subject, is also a curious trait of the people.
  • The victims of this affliction lose for the time all self-control and all sense of their own identity, imitating the actions of any person who chances to rivet their attention.
  • No leaven shall be eaten with it for seven days, and bread of affliction shall be eaten because they came forth from Egypt in haste.

What's another word for affliction?

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