Sentence Examples

  • A world without hunger, disease, ignorance, poverty, and war is not a perfect world.
  • Four of the problems I address in this book—ignorance, disease, famine, and poverty—are purely technical problems.
  • Disease is a problem of technology; thus, its solution will be technological.
  • In this campaign Aurelius, after a series of successes, was attacked, according to some authorities, by an infectious disease, of which he died after a seven days' illness, either in his camp at Sirmium (Mitrovitz), on the Save, in Lower Pannonia, or at Vindobona (Vienna), on the 17th of March 180, in the fifty-ninth year of his age.
  • The decrease of the disease is a direct result of the efforts made to combat it, in the form of special hospitals or pellagrosarf, economic kitchens, rural bakeries and maize-drying establishments.

What's another word for disease?

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