Sentence Examples

  • Xander, however, was a complication she'd never before run across.
  • There is the further complication that in some countries thunder seems to be on the increase.
  • In the trial M c Leod proved an alibi, was acquitted (October 1841), and a serious international complication was thus averted.
  • 41, C), where, however, there is a further complication in the form of an adventitious envelope or ectotheca (ect.) split off from the gonophore as a protective covering, and not present in Cladocoryne.
  • Brooks [4], who adduces strong evidence for a contrary view, that is to say, for regarding the direct type of development seen in Trachylinae as more primitive, and the metagenesis seen in Leptolinae as a secondary complication introduced into the life-cycle by the acquisition of larval budding.

What's another word for complication?

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