Sentence Examples

  • Though this industry has lapsed, there are brine baths, much used in cases of rheumatism, gout and general debility, and the former private mansion of Shrewbridge Hall is converted into a hotel with a spa.
  • Here in the course of two years (1749-1750), interrupted by danger and debility, he " painfully climbed into the third form "; but it was left to his riper age to " acquire the beauties of the Latin and the rudiments of the Greek tongue."
  • The men of Ulster were all suffering from a strange debility, and Cuchulinn had to undertake the defence single-handed from November to February.
  • Something very similar was held by Brown, who taught that" indirect debility was to be cured by a lesser degree of the same stimulus as had caused the original disturbance.
  • Their situation was so dangerous just because it combined inward debility and outward pressure, both tending to the same result, viz.

What's another word for debility?

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