Sentence Examples

  • These include generally loose joints, low muscle tone at birth, scoliosis at birth (which worsens with age), and a fragility of the eyes, which may give the white area of the eye a blue tint or cause the eye to rupture.
  • An abnormal tendency to bleed may be due to hereditary bleeding disorders, certain prescription medications, diseases of the blood such as leukemia, and diseases that increase the fragility of blood vessels.
  • Comprising of several shows from the Fragility tour, NIN released a live DVD/CD entitled And All That Could Have Been (the title being a lyric from "The Great Below" from The Fragile).
  • Other factors must be considered when designing the ring, such as the fragility of each particular jewel and if the setting needs to protect the piece from chips and wear and tear.
  • Teens are often struggling with the hormonal and physical changes of puberty, and the resulting emotional fragility can make it seem a daunting task to deal with a weight problem.