Sentence Examples

  • The insanity of what she did was beyond his comprehension.
  • The district courts have exclusive jurisdiction in divorce, which may be granted because of impotency at time of marriage, adultery, wilful desertion for more than one year, wilful neglect to provide the necessities of life, habitual drunkenness, conviction for felony, intolerable cruelty, and permanent insanity which has existed for at least five years.
  • There are six more months of insanity to record in 1787.
  • It has received its greatest support from the study of insanity, which is now fully recognized as conditioned by disease of the brain.
  • Having roused, by what ought perhaps to be called his insanity, the enmity, distrust and fear of all around him, including some members of his own family, he was assassinated on the night of the 23rd to 24th of March 1801, and was succeeded by his son Alexander I.

What's another word for insanity?

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