Sentence Examples

  • Every day she worked in a frenzy, trying to keep him out of her mind.
  • He was the one person on earth who could send her heart into a frenzy with one kiss.
  • It is equally a soul or spirit in wine which inspires the intoxicated; the old Egyptian kings avoided wine at table and in libations, because it was the blood of rebels who had fought with the gods, and out of whose rotting bodies grew the vines; to drink the blood was to imbibe the soul of these rebels, and the frenzy of intoxication which followed was held to be possession by their spirits.
  • Her children by him he killed in a frenzy induced by Hera.
  • In natural soothsaying this frenzy is the necessary physical accompaniment of an afflatus which, though it seems supernatural to a rude people, is really akin to poetic inspiration.

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