Sentence Examples

  • Chronicling the exploits of Zim, an alien visitor bent on destroying earth, his frenetic and hilarious robot GIR, and Dib, his archenemy, Invader Zim took a dark and witty look at modern life.
  • With soft soles and flexible styles, these shoes are the staple godsend of frenetic secretaries, busy corporate executives, and active soccer moms who still possess a flair for fashion.
  • Cyber Monday is the once-a-year event where you can shop online and enjoy the frenetic shopping excitement of Black Friday without the risk of being trampled when the doors open.
  • His musical career did not begin with the Clash, however, but with the pub-rock band the 101ers, who played a frenetic, if somewhat traditional, form of R&B.
  • The music matches the frenetic movements of the dancers, and Spanish instruments such as maracas and drums are often used for accompaniment.