Sentence Examples

  • If the horseracing fanatic, Brandon, was there, he'd call this man a wild mustang.
  • Yet her acts of concession and conciliation were such as no fanatic on the opposite side could have approved.
  • The Dahra and the Warsenis rose at the voice of a fanatic called Bu-Maza (" the goat man "), a Khuan of the order of the Mouley-TaIeb.
  • He modelled his private life on that of his predecessor Saint Louis, but was no fanatic in religion, for he refused his support to the violent methods of the Inquisition in southern France, and allowed the Jews to return to the country, at the same time confirming their privileges.
  • That so clear-headed a man could have credited the lies of Oates and the other perjurers is beyond belief; and the manner in which he excited baseless alarms, and encouraged fanatic cruelty, for nothing but party advantage, is without excuse.

What's another word for fanatic?

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