Sentence Examples

  • Jackson awoke, famished; he once again had not fed all day.
  • Next day the siege begins, and after forty days the famished inhabitants urge the governor Ozias to surrender, which he consents to do unless relieved in five days.
  • Famished persons are liable to morbid excite ment, and fall into imaginative ecstasies, in the course of which they see visions and spectres, converse with gods and angels, and are the recipients of supernatural revelations.
  • Weak and famished, he hardly wanted to eat the fatted calf when the vision was over.
  • But when the rainy season has set in upon the advancing enemy, they have watched their opportunity to make excursions and vent their rage; the famished invaders have either become their prisoners or been put to death.

What's another word for famished?

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