Sentence Examples

  • Pulling the contents out, she stared at the ultra sound.
  • An award may, however, be set aside where the arbitrator has misconducted himself (an arbitrator may also be removed by the court on the ground of misconduct), or where it is ultra vires, or lacks any of the other requisites - above mentioned - of a valid award, or where the arbitrator has been wilfully deceived by one of the parties, or some such state of things exists.
  • Such Lenca names occur on the northeastern boundary of the Ultra-Lempa country of Salvador.
  • Xander watched them, eyes traveling over the woman's ultra feminine shape in appreciation.
  • Though his ultra-conservative views were detested, and as far as possible opposed (especially after 1823), his dynasty was never in serious danger, and Swedes and Norsemen alike were proud of a monarch with a European reputation.