Sentence Examples

  • Fort Lauderdale, FL: Close to Miami with similar options in a slightly less frenetic atmosphere.
  • While large ships are often replete with garish colors and frenetic themes, Celebrity cruise ships are smoothly coordinated with nautical accents of etched glass, brass rails, warm wood tones, and rich fabrics.
  • Chronicling the exploits of Zim, an alien visitor bent on destroying earth, his frenetic and hilarious robot GIR, and Dib, his archenemy, Invader Zim took a dark and witty look at modern life.
  • With soft soles and flexible styles, these shoes are the staple godsend of frenetic secretaries, busy corporate executives, and active soccer moms who still possess a flair for fashion.
  • Cyber Monday is the once-a-year event where you can shop online and enjoy the frenetic shopping excitement of Black Friday without the risk of being trampled when the doors open.