Sentence Examples

  • War is the ultimate and sharpest test of the soundness of a state, and to this test Russia was submitted soon after the accession of Nicholas, who could not be blind to the revelations that resulted, though he drew the wrong moral.
  • This work is a severe criticism of all previous moral systems, especially those of Kant and Fichte, Plato's and Spinoza's finding most favour; its leading principles are that the tests of the soundness of a moral system are the completeness of its view of the laws and ends of human life as a whole and the harmonious arrangement of its subject-matter under one fundamental principle; and, though it is almost exclusively critical and negative, the book announces clearly the division and scope of moral science which Schleiermacher subsequently adopted, attaching prime importance to a "Giiterlehre," or doctrine of the ends to be obtained by moral action.
  • From 1783 ten of the fourteen presbyteries in the General Synod had made subscription optional; the synod's code of 1824 left "soundness in the faith" to be ascertained by subscription or by examination.
  • At first, Leverrier, Plana and other foreign astronomers controverted Adams's result; but its soundness was ultimately established, and its fundamental importance to this branch of celestial theory has only developed further with time.
  • " It is probable that many Englishmen reading Mr Leonard's manifesto at the time regarded it as unduly alarming, but subsequent events proved the soundness of the views it expressed.

What's another word for soundness?

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