Sentence Examples

  • The sultriness was present, along with the calm steadiness of her blue gaze.
  • It was in his relaxed stance, the steadiness of his gaze.
  • One drawback to this form of instrument is that the two webs cannot be viewed simultaneously, and therefore the observer must rely on the steadiness of rate of the clockwork and uniformity in the conditions of refraction whilst the eye is moved from one eyepiece to the other.
  • This gave them not merely greater steadiness, but, what was far more important, the power of rallying and reforming for a second effort.
  • It maybe assumed as desirable that the demand for cotton should be so spread as to keep its price as steady as possible - " steadiness " will be defined more exactly later - and that to this end it is essential that specialists should devote themselves to the task of spreading it.

What's another word for steadiness?

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