Sentence Examples

  • Soon after his mind began to give way, but during frequent intervals of lucidity he made new corrections in his great work, of which a third edition appeard in 1744, prefaced by a letter of dedication to Cardinal Trojano Acquaviva.
  • He justly termed his father "the father of the Translators," but Samuel's own method surpassed his father's in lucidity and fidelity to the original.
  • His optical investigations are perhaps the subject in which he most contributed to the progress of science; and the lucidity of exposition which marks his Dioptrics stands conspicuous even amid the generally luminous style of his works.
  • Without any marked originality, his writings are distinguished by lucidity of exposition and genuine philosophic spirit.
  • It was characteristic of the closeness with which he watched current events, and of his zeal in the cause of "lucidity," that when the Reader, an organ of science and unpartisan opinion, fell into difficulties in 1865 Mill joined with some distinguished men of science and letters in an effort to keep it afloat.

What's another word for lucidity?

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