Sentence Examples

  • But as to the greatness of his work, the profundity of his philosophy and the brilliance of his religious idealism, there can be no question.
  • Even the disciples of Jesus could not grasp the simplicity and profundity of his message; still less could his opponents.
  • This single instance need not, it is true, show a Hellenism of any profundity; still it does show that certain parts of Hellenism had become so essential to the lustre of a court that even an Arsacid could not be without them.
  • As a whole, the Avesta, for profundity of thought and beauty, stands on a lower level than the Old Testament.
  • His fondness for the allegorical and his manifest carelessness of preparation disappoint as often as his profundity, his devout mysticisms, his practical application attract and satisfy.

What's another word for profundity?

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