Sentence Examples

  • Here's where Edith's cleverness comes into play.
  • Bonapartes cleverness lay in opposing Daunous plan to that 01 Sieys, and in retaining only those portions of both which could serve his ambition.
  • My cleverness is unsurpassed!
  • He therefore set all his wonderful cleverness to the task, going so far as to adopt a little even of that Romantic disobedience to the strict classical theory which he condemned, and no doubt sincerely, in Shakespeare.
  • When, after various journalistic indiscretions, James Franklin in 1722 was forbidden to publish the Courant, it appeared with Benjamin's name as that of the publisher and was received with much favour, chiefly because of the cleverness of his articles signed " Dr Janus," which, like those previously signed " Mistress Silence Dogood," gave promise of " Poor Richard."