Sentence Examples

  • This method has the advantage of distinctness, and so is writer less trying to the eyes of the operators.
  • Nor could Shakespeare have failed to bring out with greater variety and distinctness the dramatic features in Henry VII., whom Ford depicts with sufficient distinctness to give some degree of individuality to the figure, but still with a tenderness of touch which would have been much to the credit of the dramatist's skill had he been writing in the Tudor age.
  • The facts of development, however, prove their distinctness, though those same facts do not speak clearly as to the true nature of the blood system.
  • This division of the Vertebrata into hot and cold blooded is a curiously retrograde step, only intelligible when we reflect that the excellent entomologist had no real comprehension of vertebrate morphology; but he makes some atonement for the blunder by steadily upholding the class distinctness of the Amphibia.
  • The distinctness of the dragon-flies from other insects included in Linnaeus's Neuroptera was long ago recognized by J.