Sentence Examples

  • The sharpness of his tone made her jump.
  • She studied him, noticing the sharpness of his gaze for the first time.
  • You're just not up to your usual detective-sharpness so I'm taking on the bulk of this here investigation.
  • The position assigned to logic by Kant is not, in all probability, one which can be defended; indeed, it is hard to see how Kant himself, in consistency with the critical doctrine of knowledge, could have retained many of the older logical theorems, but the precision with which the position was stated, and the sharpness with which logic was marked off from cognate philosophic disciplines, prepared the way for the more thoughtful treatment of the whole question.
  • Bennett (Gatherings of a Naturalist in Australasia), " is by one of the hind legs; its powerful resistance and the sharpness of the spines will soon oblige the captor, attempting to seize it by any other part of the body, to relinquish his hold."

What's another word for Sharpness?

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