Sentence Examples

  • They must have stores there, said my wife, annoyance ringing in her voice.
  • She couldn't help feeling familiar annoyance at him as she turned away from him.
  • It ought to be something of an annoyance to him if everybody keeps hounding him to do something he so obviously don't want to do.
  • While the pair was a definite annoyance to the Parkside police, the two were seldom a serious problem, principally because they were too stupid to get away with much, and their size—six­-feet-five and at least 500 pounds between them—made escaping detection difficult.
  • Occasionally a little breeze puffed in but it was more of an annoyance than a help, scattering papers and patience in a hot breath of sweat and exhaust.

What's another word for annoyance?

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