Sentence Examples

  • When it appeared that he was recovering from his wounds, Cesare had him murdered, but not apparently without provocation, for, according to the Venetian ambassador Cappello, the duke had tried to murder Cesare first.
  • Doubtless there was provocation, for the sultan of Achin had not kept to the understanding.
  • The deputies of the Extreme Left, instead of using their influence in favor of pacification, could think of nothing better than to demand an immediate convocation of parliament in order that they might present a bill forbidding the troops and police to use their arms in all conflicts between capital and labor, whatever the provocation might be.
  • It sometimes charges the hunter without provocation, and is very dangerous when wounded.
  • Notwithstanding the exertions which Great Britain made to avert h06tilities, the provocation of Count Cavour induced Austria to declare war against Piedmont, and Napoleon thereupon moved to the support of his ally, promising to free Italy from the the Adriatic. As a matter of fact, the attitude of northern~ Germany, which was massing troops on the Rhine, and the defenceless condition of France, which was drained of soldiers for the Italian campaign, induced the emperor to halt before he had carried out his purpose, and te~ms of peace were hastily concerted at Villafranca, and were afterwards confirmed at Zurich, by which Lombardy was given Unhficatioii to Piedmont, while Austria was left in possession of of Italy.

What's another word for provocation?

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