Sentence Examples

  • The young people, at the countess' instigation, gathered round the clavichord and harp.
  • The cause of rupture was the attack on Pontic territory by Nicomedes at the instigation of the Romans.
  • There the nineteen bishops and twenty-four presbyters, from all parts of Spain, but chiefly from the south, assembled, probably at the instigation of Hosius of Cordova, but under the presidency of Felix of Accis, with a view to restoring order and discipline in the church.
  • The duke of Anjou at his earnest instigation accepted the title of " Defender of the liberties of the Netherlands," and promised, if the provinces would raise an army of io,000 foot and 2000 horse, to come to their assistance with a hurt at this treatment and disappointed at his failure, De a th h Do n John.
  • On this first voyage (he subsequently revisited the islands twice) he named the Leeward group of islands Society in honour of the Royal Society, at the instigation of which the expedition had been sent; Tahiti and the adjacent islands he called Georgian, but the first name was subsequently adopted for the whole group. In 1772 and 1774 the islands were visited by a Spanish government expedition, and some attempt was made at colonization.

What's another word for instigation?

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