Sentence Examples

  • He didn't instigate anything—just the opposite.
  • As lieutenant of the Marches he was employed in settling disputes on the border, but used his power to instigate thieving and disorders, and is described by Cecil's correspondents as "as naughty a man as liveth and much given to the most detestable vices," "as false as a devil," "one that the godly of this whole nation hath a cause to curse for ever."
  • He, however, gave his support to Richard's assumption of office, but allowed subsequently, if he did not instigate, petitions from the army demanding its independence, and finally compelled Richard by force to dissolve parliament.
  • Dr. Watson therefore instigated discussions between the two institutes at the end of May 1987.
  • Issue edicts to rig gambling halls, force captives to walk the plank or even instigate a war between dominant world powers.

What's another word for instigate?

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