Sentence Examples

  • On the spur of the moment you pick up the suitcases, put them in your trunk, and drive off.
  • "I have a friend who's an attorney," Dean said, on the spur of the moment.
  • It stands on an abrupt hill-spur rising above flat lowlands which form a southward continuation of Romney marsh.
  • The circumstance that the gold turned black on exposure to the humid air (owing to the presence of silver) gave the name of Ouro Preto to the mountain spur and the settlement.
  • The city is built upon the lower slope of the Serra do Ouro Preto, a spur of the Espinhago, deeply cut by ravines and divided into a number of irregular hills, up which the narrow, crooked streets are built and upon which groups of low, old-fashioned houses form each a separate nucleus.

What's another word for spur?

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