Sentence Examples

  • It is well established that Urban preached the sermon at Clermont which gave the impetus to the crusades.
  • The factory manufacture of clothing was begun in New York City about 1835, and received a great impetus from the invention of the sewing-machine, the demands created by the Civil War, and the immigration of vast numbers of foreign labourers.
  • The linking of the town to the seaports by railways during1892-1895gave considerable impetus to the gold mining industry.
  • As one obstacle after another was surmounted, as one grand division of the work after another became an accomplished fact, the effect upon Parkman's condition seems to have been bracing, and he acquired fresh impetus as he approached the goal.
  • The impetus of this remarkable movement of expansion not only carried German trade to the East and North within the Baltic basin, but reanimated the older trade from the lower Rhine region to Flanders and England in the West.

What's another word for impetus?

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