Sentence Examples

  • The spherical particles are the second matter of Descartes, and their tendency to propel one another from the centre in straight lines towards the circumference of each vortex is what gives rise to the phenomenon of light radiating from the central star.
  • The latter consists of a framework carrying the hoisting barrel, with its driving motor and gearing, and a travelling motor, which is geared to the running wheels in such a manner as to be able to propel the whole machine; FIG.
  • A given cormus may bear one or several nectocalyces, and by their contractions they propel the colony slowly along, like so many medusae harnessed together.
  • The problems arising out of the special consideration of the power required to propel a railway train against the resistances opposing its motion, the way the power is applied to trains, the agent by means of which the power is exerted, are conveniently grouped together under the general heading of Locomotive Power.
  • The torque corresponding to this couple is F 1 X z D = 2µWID, and hence follows the fundamental relation, 2T = 2F 1 D = 2µWID, or if W now represents the weight supported by the axle, F will be the tractive force exerted on the frame by the two axle-boxes to propel the vehicle, and the more convenient relation is established, T=2FD=2µWD (3) If T has a greater value than this relation justifies the wheels will slip. F is called the " tractive force " at the rail.

What's another word for propel?

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