Sentence Examples

  • For them, it wasn't a method of propagation, either.
  • The number (i) expressing the ratio of the two amplitudes is a function of the following quantities: - (T) the volume of the disturbing particle; (r) the distance of the point under consideration from it; (A) the wave-length; (b) the velocity of propagation of light; (D) and (D') the original and altered densities: of which the first three depend only upon space, the fourth on space and time, while the fifth and sixth introduce the consideration of mass.
  • In any case the discovery is to some extent his own, for his proof of the law is founded upon the theory that light is the propagation of the aether in straight lines from the sun or luminous body to the eye (see Light).
  • Here Drs Lowe and Sambon made the decisive experiments which proved that the propagation of malaria was due to the mosquito Anopheles claviger.
  • In 1650 parliament appointed a commission "for the better propagation and preaching of the gospel in Wales," and Powell acted as one of the principal advisers of this body.

What's another word for propagation?

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