Sentence Examples

  • (iii.) The multiplication and division of monomials is effected by means of the law of indices.
  • The operations of addition and multiplication of two given cardinal numbers can be defined by taking two classes a and 13, satisfying the conditions (1) that their cardinal numbers are respectively the given numbers, and (2) that they contain no member in common, and then by defining by reference to a and (3 two other suitable classes whose cardinal numbers are defined to be respectively the required sum and product of the cardinal numbers in question.
  • I think that there is never any alcoholic fermentation without there being at the same time organization, development and multiplication of globules, or the continued consecutive life of globules already formed."
  • Has been brought about rather by extermination than specialization, and their distinctive facies by the development and multiplication of the surviving types.
  • The addition and multiplication of these "signed" real numbers is suitably defined, and it is proved that the usual arithmetic of such numbers follows.

What's another word for multiplication?

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