Sentence Examples

  • The augmentation of labor did not appear in the analysis.
  • In 1815 he represented him at the congress of Vienna, and succeeded in obtaining for the Netherlands a considerable augmentation of territory.
  • The kings death did not result in the unanimity so much desired by all parties; it only caused the reaction on themselves of the hatred which had been hitherto concentrated upon the king, and also an augmentation in the armies of the foreigner, which obliged the revolutionists to coalition.
  • All benefices except those under the clear annual value of £50 pay their first fruits (one year's profits) and tenths (of yearly profits) to Queen Anne's Bounty for the augmentation of the maintenance of the poorer clergy.
  • The Intercalary Month Of Twenty Three Days Fell Into The Year Of Course, So That The Ancient Year Of 355 Days Received An Augmentation Of Ninety Days; And The Year On That Occasion Contained In All 445 Days.