Sentence Examples

  • The dates of his accession and death are unknown.
  • In 1503 he welcomed the accession of Julius II.
  • If so, he is the author of the rather forced occasional tribute on the accession of King Charles I., of which the last act largely consists.
  • Until the accession to power of President Barclay in 1904 (he was re-elected in 1907), the AmericoLiberian government on the coast had very uncertain relations with the indigenous population, which is well armed and tenacious of local independence.
  • Not long after his accession to office Gorchakov issued a circular to the foreign powers, in which he announced that Russia proposed, for internal reasons, to keep herself as free as possible from complications abroad, and he added the now historic phrase, "La Russie ne boude pas; die se recueille."

What's another word for accession?

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