Sentence Examples

  • JOYEUSE ENTREE, a famous charter of liberty granted to Brabant by Duke John III.
  • L' Entree en Espagne, preserved in a 14th-century Italian compilation, relates the beginning of the Spanish War, the siege of Pampeluna, and the legendary combat of Roland with Ferragus.
  • She was received with great consideration at foreign courts, and her literary and scientific reputation procured her the entree to the society of the learned in most of the capitals of Europe.
  • In 1356 Louvain was the scene of the famous Joyeuse Entree of Wenceslas which represented the principal charter of Brabant.
  • The archdukes (such was their official title) did not make their joyeuse entree into Brussels until the close of 1599.

What's another word for entree?

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