Sentence Examples

  • A British envoy was refused admittance to the country, while a Russian mission was received with honour.
  • Having gained admittance to the offices of the Directory, he became head of a department.
  • A brilliant examination for the degree of bachelor procured him, in 1588, admittance on the foundation to the university of Tubingen, where he laid up a copious store of classical erudition, and imbibed Copernican principles from the private instructions of his teacher and life-long friend, Michael Maestlin.
  • His father, who held a small post under government, made great efforts to send him to Paris, where a brilliant examination gained him, in 1831, admittance to the Ecole Polytechnique.
  • Typified in the declaration of " equal rights to all civilized men " - or that of the opposite system (as warmly advocated by the Natal delegates as by those from the exBoer republics), which would keep the native races in permanent inferiority, cannot here be discussed; it may be stated, however, that the admittance of Kaffirs to the franchise in the Cape had not been attended with the evil consequences feared.