Sentence Examples

  • There was a marked increase in the circulation of the evening papers.
  • The sub-surface circulation in the Atlantic may be regarded as consisting of two parts.
  • Round, but the immense demand for air to supply the ascending currents over the heated land surfaces in summer causes the normal descending movement to be largely reinforced; hence the " North Altantic anticyclone is much larger, and its circulation more vigorous, in summer than in winter.
  • The net effect of the surrounding land is, in fact, to reverse the seasonal variations of the planetary circulation, but without destroying its type.
  • The gold reserve in the possession of the Banca dItalia on September 30th 1907 amounted to 32,240,984, and the silver reserve to 4,767,861; the foreign treasury bonds, &c. amounted to 3,324,074, making the total reserve 40,332,919; while the circulation amounted to 54,612,234.

What's another word for circulation?

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