Sentence Examples

  • The ache within her deepened at the idea of trusting someone for the first time in her life, and the energy flowing between them grew more intense.
  • She stepped out of his embrace, the two of them freezing in the middle of the dance floor like rocks in a flowing creek.
  • The only sound was the sucking sound their boots made in the mud and the soothing sound of flowing water down at the creek.
  • "I welcome it," Rhyn replied, facing the small woman with flowing white hair and gown.
  • The Don-Nai, which rising in the Annamese mountains flows west, then abruptly south, reaching the sea to the west of Cape St Jacques; the Saigon river, which flowing from north-west to south-east passes Saigon, the capital of the colony, m.

What's another word for flowing?

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