Sentence Examples

  • It is a massive swelling of the earth's crust,.
  • Abscess of the Gall-bladder gives rise to a painful, tender swelling near the cartilage of the ninth rib of the right side.
  • The culminating summits of the ranges generally present the appearance of a flat, rounded swelling, and when they are crowned with glaciers, as many of them are, these shape themselves into what may be described as a mantle, a breastplate, or a flat cap, from which lappets and fringes project at intervals; nowhere do there exist any of the long, narrow, winding glacier tongues which are so characteristic of the Alps of Europe.
  • She caught sight of the marks and swelling and pulled her hand back quickly, but not fast enough.
  • The sudden swelling of rivers and downpour of rain stopped all movement at once, and the "Mud March" came to an end.

What's another word for swelling?

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