Sentence Examples

  • Lori was sitting on the porch swing, a red welt on one cheek.
  • Des Untergangs der antiken Welt, li p. 57 6; G.
  • His chief works are Philosophie als Denken der Welt gem[iss dem Princip des kleinsten Kraftmasses (1876) and the Kritik der reinen Erfahrung (1888-1890).
  • Mr Roosevelt not only attacked dishonesty in public affairs but in private business as welt, asserting that "malefactors of great wealth" endeavour to control legislation so as to increase the profits of monopolies or "trusts," and that to prevent such control it is necessary to extend the powers of the federal government.
  • In 1793 he contributed to Paulus's Memorabilien a paper "Ãœber Mythus, historische Sagen, and Philosopheme der altesten Welt"; and in 1795 his thesis for his theological degree was DeMarcione Paullinarum epistolarum emendatore.

What's another word for welt?

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