Sentence Examples

  • (1) if Io correspond to x = o, - a law altogether similar to that of absorption, and showing how the light tends to become yellow and finally red as the thickness of the medium increases (Phil.
  • But the subsequent expansion of Athens ruined the commerce of Megara, and the town itself was threatened with absorption by some powerful neighbour.
  • It is conspicuous by its absorption spectrum in many of the white stars.
  • All remaining impurities, including the excess of oxygen, can then be taken out of the gas by Sir James Dewar's ingenious method of absorption with charcoal cooled in liquid air.
  • This rapid absorption of the khanates brought Russia into close proximity to Afghanistan, and the reception of Kaufmann's emissaries by the Amir was a main cause of the British war with Afghanistan in 1878.

What's another word for absorption?

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