Sentence Examples

  • You once mentioned considering the dissemination of miss information.
  • The seed is set free from the parent plant and serves as the means of dissemination (see FLOWER; POLLINATION; FRUIT, and SEED).
  • The dissemination of plant parasites is favored by many circumstances not always obvious, whence an air of mystery regarding epidemics was easily created in earlier times.
  • The part played by certain blood-sucking Diptera in the dissemination of disease is now well known (see Mosquito and Tsetse-Fly), and under the term myiasis medical literature includes a lengthy recital of instances of the presence of Dipterous larvae in various parts of the living human body, and the injuries caused thereby.
  • But the greater part of the empire continued to exist under new masters, the Seleucids, as a Hellenistic power which was of great importance for the dissemination of Greek culture in the East.

What's another word for dissemination?

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