Sentence Examples

  • (I) Impo~ts iie repartition (apportionment), the amount to be raised being fixed in advance annually and then apportioned among the departments.
  • APPORTIONMENT BILL, an act passed by the Congress of the United States after each decennial census to determine the number of members which each state shall send to the House of Representatives.
  • As the House would, at this ratio, have become unmanageably large, the ratio, which is first settled by Congress before apportionment, has been raised after each census, as will be seen from the accompanying table.
  • (See GERRYMANDER.) If a state has received an increase in the number of its representatives and its legislature does not pass an apportionment bill before the next congressional election, the votes of the whole state elect the additional members on a general ticket and they are called "congressmen-at-large."
  • The system of apportionment and the franchise qualifications were worked out to meet the needs of a group of agricultural communities.

What's another word for apportionment?

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