Sentence Examples

  • Similarly in the Christian dispensation all is in order due.
  • Dean figured Fred was making a last ditch effort for a dispensation from his public duty.
  • In 1494 Giulio went with them into exile; but, on Giovanni's restoration to power, returned to Florence, of which he was made archbishop by his cousin Pope Leo X., a special dispensation being granted on account of his illegitimate birth, followed by a formal declaration of the fact that his parents had been secretly married and that he was therefore legitimate.
  • The innocent simoniace promotus was, apart from dispensation, liable to the same penalties as though he were guilty.
  • Courts of justice, however, do not grant reprieves by way of dispensation from the penalties of the law, which is not for the judicial department, but for temporary purposes, e.g.

What's another word for dispensation?

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