Sentence Examples

  • While it was close enough to catch broadcasts of Phillies baseball and Eagles football, it was far enough away to be isolated from most of the brutality associated with the city of Brotherly Love.
  • 71), of the 28th of October 797, in which Charlemagne shows less brutality and pronounces simple compositions for misdeeds which formerly entailed death.
  • There were wholesale internments, conducted with the utmost brutality: and the horrors of the camps of Doboj, Mostar, Arad, Thalerhof, Mollersdorf, Gmiind, were early in 1918 revealed by Doctor Tresic in the Austrian Reichsrat.
  • If he is to be blamed in this particular matter, the blame must be chiefly confined to his imprudence in inviting Voltaire at the beginning and to the brutality of his conduct at the end.
  • He increased his bodyguard to Boo men, all Frenchmen, who behaved with the greatest licence and brutality; by his oppressive taxes, and his ferocious cruelty towards all who opposed him, and the unsatisfactory treaties he concluded with Pisa, he accumulated bitter hatred against his rule.

What's another word for brutality?

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