Sentence Examples

  • As a matter of fact, barbarism did break out after the flower had fallen from Neoplatonism.
  • War is the ultimate barbarism, the primitive belief that fighting determines who is right—but of course it doesn't.
  • There was no indigenous recorded history of the country, the people being steeped in barbarism and devoid of any written language.
  • It may have existed in the world too long: it did not come into existence too early; and with all its shortcomings it exercised a great and wholesome influence in raising the medieval world from barbarism to civilization" (p. 27).
  • Napoleon, moreover, he regarded not as the scourge of Europe, but as the defender of civilization against the barbarism of the Slays; and in the famous interview between the two men at Erfurt the poet's admiration was reciprocated by the French conqueror.